The Past

in the deepest crescent of hidden truths

she will acknowledge just two things

1. she never stopped loving him

2. he’ll never know 

burdens that weighed so heavy

she sunk 


to a state of bewilderment much like 



Dear Mom


My favorite artist growing up was Bob Marley.

I’m not sure you would remember these moments the way I do.

We would hop in the car for whatever occasion, I’d buckle my seat-belt and wait for you to insert a pick between one of three of our favorite albums.

I was only five years old.

You moved us to a foreign country with a foreign tongue.

How silly I feel now, thinking I had it harder than 28 year old, single mother.

The engine would run, and a track from the album of Legend would begin to play.

‘Could you be loved, and be loved’…

Driving along streets that we could not read or recognize.

I will always remember the pure feeling of content I felt next to you in that tiny, broken down car at a time where my world was completely and utterly unfamiliar.

Funny, how the smallest of things manage to bring the greatest joy.

Out of tune sing a longs with you, my young, brave and beautiful mother to an artist I grew ever so fondly of.

You gifted those memories to me, an intangible gift I can cherish forever.